The Gifted Group is a talent first creator marketing, social media & management agency with the mission to develop & execute authentic partnerships with forward thinking brands and trailblazing talent, who are using their unique gift to make a positive impact. We represent the avant-garde creator across culture, sports, comedy, art, music & beyond.

We are here to elevate the voice of brands and talent who are moving in the right direction and wish to align themselves with partners on the same meaningful journey.

With over a decade of experience in talent management & marketing, our team is truly gifted when it comes to influencer marketing & creative strategy in the social space. The Gifted Group offers exclusive talent management & development, creator content & partnerships, social media creative & strategy, as well as innovative creative marketing across emerging channels.

The Gifted Group is located across Sydney & Melbourne with both domestic & global campaign & talent management proficiency.

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The Gifted Group is a proud AIMCO member.